*Note: This course provides an overview of CPR and First Aid, but does not provide full CPR and First Aid certification. If interested in taking those certification classes, you can find info HERE.

* It is highly recommended that babysitters take CPR- First Aid course to compliment this certificate.

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E-mail: Info@SafetyFirstJax.com 

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The instructors who teach this course have two young daughters of their own and they know from life experience the characteristics and skills that parents are looking for in babysitters. This is a 5 hour course and upon successful completion, students will receive official certification cards from the American Safety and Health Institute. *

Cost is $45/person.

Child & Babysitting Safety



This class is designed to familiarize and to provide youth approx. ages 11 - 16 with the basic knowledge and skills needed to care for infants and children.  It is fun and fast paced with hands on activities, exciting video, role-plays and lively discussions. You will learn to be the best babysitter on the block! Plus you will gain the confidence to make smart decisions and stay safe in any babysitting situation.

You will learn how to:

  • Supervise children and infants
  • Perform basic child care-skills such as diapering and feeding
  • Handle bedtime and discipline issues
  • Identify safety hazards and prevent injuries
  • Care for common injuries and emergencies such as choking, burns, cuts and bee stings
  • Communicate effectively with parents
  • Find and interview for babysitting jobs
  • Leadership skills

Safety First Serves Jacksonville 
and All of Northeast Florida

“I really enjoyed taking the Babysitting class with Safety First. The teachers were really funny and made many jokes to relate to what we were talking about. They definitely taught me everything I need to know!”

Ashley O., Middle School student


Register for Class:

Price is $45. Course locations vary.  Click on the links below for class location, further info and to register online:

Contact us to host one at your church, neighborhood or organization.

Other courses and dates listed HERE.



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