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Lifesaving Lessons

Safety First CPR & Safety Training

CPR And Basic First Aid Training

in Jacksonville, Florida


At Safety First, we believe that learning the life saving skills of CPR and Basic First Aid training doesn't have to be a dry and dare we say... boring experience. We provide CPR, Safety, AED and Basic First Aid training in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and North Florida, We provide our professional safety courses in a FUN atmosphere with humor and plenty of hands on training that will help you retain this essential knowledge. Whether you are a parent-to-be, teacher, business owner, childcare worker, church leader, medical provider or someone else who needs or wants this training, we have you covered!

Our Lead Instructor, Tukz Taaca, has spent 20 years in the Aquatics and Safety realm, teaching safety courses to lifeguards, training swim instructors and keeping people safe at public pools. He knows what it feels like to do CPR on a real person because he has done it. He brings his real life experiences into the classroom and participants come away with more than just "book knowledge".

Babysitting, Self Defense & Other Classes

Along with Community CPR and Basic First Aid, we offer other courses such as Child & Babysitting Safety, CPR Pro, Bloodborne Pathogens, Women's Safety & Self Defense and Private Swim Lessons. We pride ourselves on giving instruction that translates into our students leaving with the knowledge and confidence that they could use the skills in a real life setting if needed. At Safety First, our goal is to deliver the highest quality safety training with excellent customer service and top-notch instruction giving you the best classes possible. Our proven training methods and style, along with our affordable prices, have made us very popular in the Greater Jacksonville area. We are a proud training center under the American Safety and Health Institute.

Give us a call. We guarantee you will see the difference! We Serve Jacksonville, St. Augustine and North Florida. Check out our classes page or contact us to talk about on-site classes.

About Safety First

Safety First is Jacksonville's premier CPR & Safety Training company. Our 15+ years of experience teaching CPR/AED, First Aid and Swim Lessons translate into the most effective training results possible.

Safety First Swim can help with Aquatic Safety. Lead Instructor, Tukz Taaca, teaches swim lessons, Lifeguard Instructor training classes and does Water Safety talks.

Water Safety

Learn CPR, AED and First Aid Skills in a relaxing, fun and low pressure environment. Explore our full list of First Aid and CPR training courses, We really prepare you for the time you  need to be a lifesaver.

CPR & First Aid 

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